Stremet’s vision is to become Finland’s most desired and recognized subcontracting partner in the sheet metal industry by 2030. Stremet aims to be widely known as a subcontracting partner with satisfied customers. The company will grow alongside its customers at a rate of 10-20% per year and achieve a revenue of €25 million by 2030.

Strategy – How We’ll Get There

For years, the company has been implementing a clear plan aimed at the desired outcome. The plan emphasizes aspects characteristic to business such as facilities, development of operations and services, investments, and increasing employee skills.

Facilities and Investments

  • Transition to larger premises (20,000 m2) that provide ample space for growth and expansion.
  • Spacious facilities enable smooth and efficient production.
  • Facilities allow for investments in new machines and equipment.
  • Facilities enable the development of a business cluster, offering customers a wide range of services under one roof.
  • The building site has sufficient room for future expansion.

Attitude – Willingness to Learn and Develop

  • No challenge set by a customer is a problem for us. We want to evolve, grow, and move forward.
  • We continue to develop our operations daily.
  • Committed management is involved in implementing decisions daily to improve operations.
  • We continue well-timed investments that our customers need. Through investments, the company’s cost-effectiveness and competitiveness continue improving.
  • We continue to develop our operations management system, production efficiency, and processes to further enhance our competitiveness.

Service and Customer Satisfaction

  • We work on the quality of our services to make them even smoother and faster.
  • We seek our customers’ help in developing services that support their operations. By doing so, growth is likely to continue.
  • We boldly expand our service offerings in the direction desired by customers.
  • We strive to promote customer satisfaction through all means.

Expertise and Employee Satisfaction

  • We continue recruiting to enhance the company’s competitiveness and accelerate the desired change process.
  • We continue to develop the skills and versatility of our current employees.
  • Satisfied, committed employees are key to ensuring that our services and quality level are sufficient for our customers every day.

Finance and Customers

  • We ensure that our financial resources are sufficient to implement the strategy.
  • We ensure the profitability, efficiency, and competitiveness of our business.
  • We aim for maximum customer satisfaction, for that ultimately funds our operations.
  • A satisfied customer is the guarantee of our ongoing operations, maintaining financial responsibility.


  • We can grow through corporate acquisitions.
  • We are constantly looking for suitable targets that align with our strategy.

Internationalization and Expansion of Operations

  • Expanding the potential market by going international.
  • Acquiring new customers through exports, either indirectly or directly.