Excellent service every day

Our precisely scheduled production requires reliability from our partners. When we need sheet metal parts, a dependable and agile partner for us is Stremet. They have met our needs and supplied us with various sheet metal components for decades. We often describe their service by saying, “If you order today, it was already here yesterday.”

Riitta Martikainen
Marketing Director
Punta Oy


Stremet has been our partner for sheet metal work in air purifier manufacturing for over 7 years. Stremet produces both internal components and external casings for our devices.

Stremet has been an excellent partner for us, providing exceptional support in the design phase to ensure manufacturability. We initiate our collaboration during the product ideation stage, allowing for changes to be made from a manufacturing perspective. This approach often yields results so good as to even surprise our own designer.

Our collaborative effort was also recognized in the Plootu Fennica Sheet Metal Design Competition, where the true show of craftsmanship in sheet metal work that is the PURE600 air purifier received an honourable mention.

Based on our experience, Stremet Oy possesses the best ability to serve us in terms of quality and timeliness. Even small production runs are achieved swiftly.

Hanna Liljapelto
Air0 Oy


Long-standing collaboration built on high-quality products with reliable delivery times and, above all, effective personal interactions.
Tero Lampola
Production and Sales Director
Mesera Cranes Finland Oy


Stremet is extremely fast, flexible, and a reliable supplier.
Pekka Hujanen
Purchasing Manager 


Puuha has a long history of collaboration with Stremet Oy. As a responsible actor, we aim to maintain our entire supply chain accordingly, which is why Stremet has been selected as one of our partners. Stremet’s service is fast, and their expertise in sheet metal products is of a high standard. With a reliable partner like Stremet, we can ensure the high quality of our own products and excellent delivery reliability.

Elina Laukkanen
Executive Assistant & Marketing Coordinator
Puuha Group Oy

MSc Traction & MSc Electronics Oy

Over thirty years of collaboration – a true partnership.

Matti Tryyki
Production Manager
MSc Traction & MSc Electronics Oy