Career Stories from Stremet – Multitalented Petteri

“As my time in the army was coming to an end, I was enjoying a free weekend in Salo. As usual, I was out driving late at night and stopped at a gas station to get some coffee. While watching the sunset in the parking lot next to my car, a small bus pulled up, and cheerful people stepped out, coming from a hockey game. Then one sir asked me for a ride to the city centre. I obliged, and during the journey it came up that I had a degree in the metal industry but no job after the end of my service. As it turned out, the man was the CEO of a local metal industry company. He invited me to visit the factory whenever I had the chance. Coincidentally, I was not returning to my army base until the following Monday evening, so I managed to visit him quickly. That’s when we agreed that I would start working as soon as I returned from the army.”

That’s how the man of many skills known as Petteri Laaksonen found his way to Stremet over a decade ago. Petteri, a resident of Salo, gained his initial experience in sheet metal work through vocational school and internships at Sanmina SCI. After completing his vocational education in 2012, he went straight into a year of military service. From there, Petteri came directly to work at Stremet because of that late-night gas station ride.

Petteri’s tasks are diverse and varied, including grinding, threading, pressing, assembly, shaping corners, stud inserting, welding, and spot welding. However, his primary task is mangling. In the workplace, it’s common to say that the mangling just doesn’t work without Petteri.

“Our supervisors are really good and skilled at their jobs.”

Petteri describes his workdays as highly varied. Each day is different. “The best thing about my job is its diversity,” Petteri continues. Additionally, the diverse work ensures that there’s never a dull moment. Challenges do arise at times; for example, variations in sheet quality can pose a minor challenge during mangling.

“I find Stremet’s work environment to be very good,” Petteri describes. Colleagues are pleasant, and it is enjoyable to work with them. According to Petteri, the supervisors are excellent and skilled at their jobs, which facilitates the smooth progression of tasks. “Varied and interesting work is crucial for maintaining stamina at work,” Petteri says. He also recharges from work through good food, jogging, and cycling.

Colleagues describe Petteri as a reliable and enthusiastic worker. “Petteri is a jack-of-all-trades, and his absence is noticeable,” a coworker says. Petteri is considered helpful and friendly, with extensive expertise in the field. He’s always ready to assist others.