Turning Sheet Metal into ProductsWe offer our customers subcontracting work where we turn sheet metal into products.

Stremet – Specialist in Sheet Metal Work

“We offer both individual sheet metal parts and fully refined multi-process subassemblies that require design, prototyping, welding, painting, and assembly. With our extensive experience and expertise, we serve a wide range of industries and can efficiently execute both small and large production batches with excellent customer satisfaction.”


Orders per day


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People working with us


€ million in revenue


Square meters of production facilities in Salo

Why Stremet?


Thanks to the expertise of our staff our high-quality partners, we can serve our customers across various segments.

Advanced Machinery

We offer modern and comprehensive machinery for our customers’ use. Our machinery enables excellent and cost-effective service speed along with high delivery reliability.


We are one of the fastest suppliers in the subcontractor network in Finland. Our average delivery time was 7.1 working days from order to delivery in 2022.


We make decisions quickly, and the owners are involved in operational management. We keep the promises we make.


In collaboration with our customers, we constantly seek new cost-effective solutions and are not afraid of challenges.


We generate a portion of our electricity using solar panels. All electricity and heat energy used in the company is 100% renewable. Our recycling rate is also 100%, and we continually strive to reduce production waste.

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Excellent Education Program

Based on our experience, Stremet Oy possesses the best ability to serve us in terms of quality and timeliness. Even small production runs are achieved swiftly.

Hanna Liljapelto, CEO

Air0 Oy

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Excellent Education Program

Long-standing collaboration built on high-quality products with reliable delivery times and, above all, effective personal interactions.

Tero Lampola, Production and Sales Director

Mesera Cranes Finland Oy

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Excellent Education Program

Stremet is extremely fast, flexible, and a reliable supplier.

Pekka Hujanen, Purchasing Manager


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Excellent Education Program

Puuha has a long history of collaboration with Stremet Oy. As a responsible actor, we aim to maintain our entire supply chain accordingly, which is why Stremet has been selected as one of our partners. Stremet’s service is fast, and their expertise in sheet metal products is of a high standard. With a reliable partner like Stremet, we can ensure the high quality of our own products and excellent delivery reliability.

Elina Laukkanen, Executive Assistant & Marketing Coordinator

Puuha Group Oy

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Examples of our services


Sheet metal bending is our specialty.


Precise and neat welding with high quality.

Punching and bending of Plastics

Typically PVC, but also Bakelite work.

Manufacturing optimization

We assist you in optimizing part manufacturing for cost-effectiveness.

Surface Treatment

We treat all metal products and grades.

Assembly Work

Cost-effective and skilled product assembly.