Lighting Industry

Products in the lighting industry are quite similar to produce as those for the ventilation machine parts. The sheet metal is mostly thin, primarily white-painted, or pre-painted, and the production runs are generally large. Our typical work involves making the frames for indoor light fixtures. We also produce various types of profiles from sheet metal and often offer an alternative to using aluminium profiles. We manufacture outdoor lamps as well, such as frames and mounting parts for park and outdoor lights. We are able to combine our expertise in solar panel mounting and lighting, and we have created various applications that integrate the use of solar panels.

The frames of lighting fixtures, especially on the LED side, are often quite short, and the pieces are not suitable for bending using an automated bending machine due to their small size. However, we have numerous servo-driven press brakes specifically designed for this purpose. Manufacturing lighting fixtures requires a severe variety of specialized blades. Our production includes a wide variety of special tools to enable successful bending, and in cases where bending might be challenging, new blades can be obtained with a delivery time of just a few days. The production of lighting fixtures on press brakes requires a large opening (daylight) and high precision. The typical shape of the products involves flattening to prevent sharp edges. This is why we use servo-driven machines with flattening function continually in use. This allows us to bend and flatten simultaneously without changing blades. This greatly saves time and enhances the efficiency of bending.

Similar to ventilation products, lighting components often require some minor assembly work, such as spot welding and powder coating before delivery to the customer. We can also assemble the lighting fixture completely with wirings systems and package it into its final packaging.

  • Indoor Lighting Fixtures
  • Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Lighting Fixture Frames
  • Lighting Fixture Mounting Parts
  • Manufacturing, Painting, and Assembly of Lighting Components
  • Illuminated Advertisements
  • LED Strip Profiles

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