From the very beginning, Stremet has specialized in piercing and shaping. We possess an extensive arsenal of specialized tools. Furthermore, our extensive expertise allows us to immediately select the right technique and manufacturing method based on technical drawings. As a result, production is quickly initiated, leading to a suitable end product for the customer.

Our strength as a company lies in our versatility. We can manufacture both sheet metal components and structural parts, as well as visible surface panels. This makes us a subcontractor choice well worth considering within the industry. We offer our customers convenience by providing them with most or all of their sheet metal components from the same supplier, through the same distribution chain, and under a single agreement.


The fabrication of sides for trailers is a highly competitive field. Therefore, our technology must be state-of-the-art. We utilize angle cutting technology, bending machines, and robotic bending stations for fabrication. The material used is almost exclusively galvanized steel sheet. Cost-effectiveness is based on process efficiency and large batch sizes, which render individual parts cost-efficient.

We manufacture trailer parts up to 3600 mm in length. We also fabricate loading ramps for trailers, where friction is a crucial feature (slipping prevention).

Anti-Slip Solutions

We serve a diverse range of customers in need of anti-slip solutions. Products include items like footrests for snowmobiles, step ladders for tractors or other industrial machinery, trailer ramps, stairs for buildings, work stools, and small or large construction scaffolding. Typical materials include aluminium or galvanized steel sheet, which can be painted before delivery.

Marine / Offshore

We manufacture cabin doors and frames, wall panels, facade cassettes, and ventilation solutions for ships. Even though the application is maritime, we also produce land-based products for this sector, such as metal furniture, lighting fixtures, sheet metal casings, electrical cabinets, mouldings, gym equipment, and catering products.

Boat Manufacturers

We create parts for boats, primarily from aluminium, based on customer specifications. Our extensive material inventory provides a diverse selection of aluminium grades readily available. A typical grade is ALMG3, both smooth and tread plate. The material can also be heat-treated or painted, although aluminium is often left untreated.

Agricultural Machinery, Construction Machinery, and Industrial Machinery

We combine many aspects of our diverse areas of expertise in order to serve the needs of this segment. Machines typically feature anti-slip steps for accessing the cabin. The protective covers for the machines are usually painted and possibly moulded sheet metal. Outer surface requirements almost always include both aesthetic appeal and durability. Machine frame components generally involve slightly thicker material, necessitating laser cutting and welding in the process.

  • Forklift Frame Components
  • Forklift Cladding Panels
  • Tractor Parts
  • Protective Plates
    • we produce various protective plates for industrial machinery
  • Structural Components for Machines
  • Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Parts for Charging Devices
  • Conveyor System Parts
    • conveyors for airports
  • Truck Parts
  • Trailers
  • Loading Ramps
  • Shipbuilding industry, Cabins
  • Vehicle Frame Beams
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Excavators and part to similar use  
  • Chassis Components
  • Chassis parts
  • Shipbuilding industry, Cabins
  • Structural Components for Machines
  • Lift Platform Bodies
  • Crane Parts

By Your Side Through the Entire Production Process – From Sheet Metal to Product

We provide our customers with expert support and co-operation throughout the entire project. We are ready to assist you in the design phase and offer technical guidance to ensure the end result meets your expectations.

Our aim is to establish long-term partnerships with our customers and ensure that every collaboration is successful.

What kinds of materials do we process? What information should be provided at the beginning of a project? How do we handle deliveries?

Answers to these and many other questions related to processes, services, and production can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page, where you’ll also find various documentation and materials.

See how sheet metal transforms into finished products at our factory.

Let’s kick off a project together – get in touch.

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Business Director
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