Our customer base consists of a wide range of companies from different industries. A significant portion of our customers has been with us since our establishment in 1995. Today, Stremet Oy serves over 400 customers annually. The spectrum of customers is highly diverse. Some customers receive regular deliveries almost weekly throughout the year, while others receive one larger delivery once a year. Our contract manufacturing serves a very wide range of customers in various industries.

We always aim to provide added value to our customers. This enables the formation of partnerships, and our customers can trust that they will receive good service and timely deliveries throughout the year. This is where we strive to stand out from the competition.

Our comprehensive range of technologies and solution-oriented attitude play a key role in this. We find innovative and cost-effective options from product development all the way to the packaging of the final product.

When necessary, solutions can be scaled according to customer needs, even for highly challenging environments, such as the extreme conditions of the mining industry.

We cherish long-term customer relationships, many of which have lasted for decades. Our customers include both international corporations and SMEs from various industries.

Common reasons why customers choose Stremet as their partner:

  • Positive feedback about Stremet Oy’s operations through word of mouth.
  • Stremet Oy’s service is exceptionally fast.
  • In-house production facing a temporary lack of sufficient capacity (large order, machinery breakdown).
  • Product experiences uneven demand, and therefore the product is outsourced to focus on consistent cash flow generating products.
  • Outsourcing an old product when the remaining lifecycle of the product is uncertain.
  • Change in company strategy to outsource production and focus on areas such as sales and design.
  • Piloting a new product with uncertain future production volume.
  • Desire to expand the current supplier network and give a new supplier the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities.
  • Collaboration in product development and manufacturability planning during the initial stages of a product’s lifecycle.
  • Insufficient capacity and/or too long delivery time of the current supplier for the desired large quantity.

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