Quality Policy

Our commitment to quality is built on our core values. For us, quality means delivering products that meet customer expectations flawlessly, cost-effectively, and reliably on a daily basis. Our refined processes and continuous development reflect our ongoing commitment. Our skilled team is responsible, proactive, and pragmatic. We are problem solvers and strive for the best outcomes for our customers, whether it’s about work methods or packaging solutions. We emphasize partnerships with collaborators who add value to our operations and ensure our customer satisfaction remains strong.

We are dedicated to achieving carbon-neutral production by 2035, and already have a 100% recycling rate in our production. Stremet Oy has been granted the ISO 9001 quality certification for its operational quality. You can review our quality certificate here:

We also consider our internal guidelines as an important measure and guideline for the quality of our operations:

Ethical Policy

Responsibility is at the heart of our operations. Our responsibility policy is based on the principles of the UN Global Compact, aimed at promoting sustainable development and good corporate responsibility. This policy, along with its ethical principles, guides our actions in all areas.

Our main ethical principles include complying with all laws, safeguarding human rights and employee well-being, combating corruption and remaining unbribable, adhering to competition regulations, upholding productivity, and practicing environmental responsibility.

Social Responsibility

The well-being of our employees is of utmost importance for us. We provide our employees with comprehensive insurance coverage, occupational health benefits, and fitness benefits to enable long and fulfilling careers within our company. Read more about our employee benefits here.

We see ensuring a safe and pleasant work environment where everyone is treated with equality is a fundamental part of corporate social responsibility.

This commitment extends to our suppliers, customers, and partners within our network. We take responsibility not only for ourselves but for all involved parties, ensuring that our business partners’ activities do not negatively impact ours or theirs.

Mineral Policy

Stremet Oy strictly adheres the letter of the law as per our responsibility policy and does not use raw materials from conflict mineral areas in its production. We also do not supply products to our customers that contain raw materials from conflict areas. More information about Stremet Oy’s mineral policy can be found here:

IT Policy

Stremet Oy’s IT systems are maintained and developed to ensure seamless and secure operations for the company and all related documents. We strictly adhere to GDPR data protection standards in our interactions with employees, customers, and partners.

Financial Responsibility

One of Stremet Oy’s core responsibilities is financial responsibility. We take care of the profitability, efficiency, and competitiveness of our operations, enabling the fulfilment of other corporate responsibility elements and the financing of our operations through maximum customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers ensure the continuity of our business and the upholding of our financial responsibilities.