Metal sheet bending has been a part of our specialized expertise and services for years. We possess modern and efficient bending presses, also known as press brakes, that allow us to accurately perform various bending operations on metal and plastic sheets according to our customers’ needs. Our state-of-the-art servo-driven press brakes and experienced bending professionals ensure that the bent components are precisely within the specified dimensions. This commitment to precision has led to our exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction. In 2022, our customer satisfaction rating was 4.7 out of 5.

We bend all types of materials

A typical bending job for us involves bending a pierced sheet, typically 1-3 mm thick, into the desired shape based on our customer’s designs. We also perform a significant amount of bending on laser-cut components, which we cut ourselves. The thickness of the components typically ranges from 4 to 15 mm. Additionally, we have a combination machine as a part of our machinery that allows us to achieve very complex cuts and then bend them into shape.

Versatile Equipment Range

Our stock of machinery includes 17 press brakes, two robotic bending systems, two automated bending systems—one of which is robotized—and five eccentric presses. It can be said that our range of bending machines is one of the largest and most modern in Finland. Our advanced machines are fast and accurate to operate. The incorporation of new technology not only ensures better ergonomics for machine operators but also cost efficiency for our customers. We have the capacity to handle even the largest production runs with rapid turnaround times. Batch sizes typically range from single pieces to batches of approximately 10,000 pieces. 

Our extensive machinery allows us to choose the most suitable option for bending, ensuring that we meet our customers’ quality and cost requirements.

The maximum bending length is 3600 mm. For longer components, we use lifting aids that allow the bending of lengthy components by a single employee, without the need for additional manpower.

By Your Side Through the Entire Production Process – From Sheet Metal to Product

We provide our customers with expert support and co-operation throughout the entire project. We are ready to assist you in the design phase and offer technical guidance to ensure the end result meets your expectations.

Our aim is to establish long-term partnerships with our customers and ensure that every collaboration is successful.

What kinds of materials do we process? What information should be provided at the beginning of a project? How do we handle deliveries?

Answers to these and many other questions related to processes, services, and production can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page, where you’ll also find various documentation and materials.

See how sheet metal transforms into finished products at our factory.

Let’s kick off a project together – get in touch.

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Business Director
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