Chrome plating is suitable for products that require not only an impressive appearance but also a durable, easily cleanable, and hard surface. Common applications include furniture, device instruments, oven doors, and fixtures in stores.

If there are areas on the part, such as threads, where the coating should not be applied, we protect those areas using various masking methods.

In the bright chrome plating process, a nickel coating is deposited onto the part’s surface, followed by the deposition of a trivalent chrome layer on top of the nickel layer.

The term “satin chrome plating” is often used interchangeably with matte chrome plating. In the satin chrome plating process, a satin nickel coating is deposited onto the part’s surface, followed by the deposition of a chrome layer on top of the nickel layer.

We have transitioned entirely to Cr6-free surface treatment, meaning that we no longer use hexavalent chrome plating chemicals at all. In practical terms, this means that we do not use compounds that are carcinogenic to humans in our surface treatment processes. We have replaced all hexavalent chrome plating processes with trivalent processes.

The chrome plating process complies with the stringent requirements set by the RoHS directive and the REACH regulation.

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