Zinc electroplating is a cost-effective way to improve the appearance and durability of a product. Zinc electroplating is the most common method of electrolytic coatings for steel. The resulting coating from the process increases durability and provides a pleasant appearance at minimal cost. Typical applications include store equipment parts, components related to indoor logistics, as well as parts for machinery and equipment.

The corrosion resistance of a zinc electroplated piece is high and the coating spreads evenly across different parts of the piece.

The most common applications of this process are sheet metal parts, welded components, fasteners, hydraulic parts, and machined parts. Due to its affordability, it can also be used as a corrosion-preventing adhesive coating for paint.

The pieces to be coated are treated through an electrolytic process. The treatment is carried out through a hanging process on automatic lines. The thickness of the coating can be measured with an X-ray measuring device.

At the final stage of galvanization, the piece is passivated using either blue/bright passivation or yellow passivation. The result of blue/bright passivation is a bright surface with a slight bluish tint. Galvanization with yellow passivation produces a bright, iridescent surface with a yellowish tint.

We process the products in accordance with the ISO 2081 standard, the RoHS directive, and the terms of the MET 2007 Metal Surface Treatment Agreement.

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