Punching with a punch press is an extremely cost-effective way to produce billets, and in the thickness range of 0.5-3 mm, it is often the most cost-effective method as well. In a punch press, desired pieces are pierced from sheet by mechanical punching with selected tools. In addition to piercing, a sheet metal centre can thread, form, cup, stiffen, and seving pieces in the same process.

Stremet specializes in piercing, and we can confidently lay claim to possessing excellent piercing capabilities. Years of experience bring confidence, and our extensive range of tools as well as our large material inventory allow us to start work immediately after order processing.

We don’t have a typical punching job. We work for dozens of different industries, producing very diverse pieces for each. Throughout our history, we’ve processed hundreds of thousands of different geometries. Typically, batch sizes range from tens to thousands. The size of a single piece varies widely, from millimetres to meters, depending on customer needs. There’s a suitable machine for every size, with which production is cost-effective.

Our capacity includes many punch presses – suitable for every job

We have a total of nine punch presses. We have six traditional manual Finn Power punch presses, which are suitable for small batch production of a few sheets. Additionally, we have punch presses with automation for larger batches. We have technology that combines a punch press with an angle cutter, which we use for creating rectangular pieces and large batches. Our machine lineup includes the Amada EMZ 3610 NT punch press equipped with a picking robot and the Prima Power SBe angle cutter equipped with a stacking system for cut pieces.

In addition to punch presses, our capacity includes the Prima Power Combi Genius combination machine that utilized the latest technology and combines laser cutting and piercing. The combination machine can process sheets up to 4300 mm in length and is optimal for producing items such as 2100 mm long door frames and door panels. The combination machine is equipped with loading, picking, and stacking robots. With the combination machine, we can combine piercing, forming, threading, and laser-cut shapes into a single piece, making it extremely flexible for any part. With the combination machine, we cut steel, stainless steel, and aluminium from 0.5 mm to 8 mm thickness.

Increased Productivity through Automation

Automation enables unmanned production even during nighttime, allowing us to offer large quantities with short delivery times. All machines are programmed using the same programming software. The choice of method is made by our experienced and skilled nesting programmers.

The punch presses are constantly updated, and different types of equipment are acquired for production based on capacity needs and customer requirements. We already possess expertise, capacity, and cost-efficiency. This way, we serve customer needs comprehensively.

Our extensive sheet metal inventory enables fast deliveries and includes over 300 items (1,000,000 kg). You can find the raw materials listed below are always held ready in our inventory.

Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet0,5 – 4,0 mm
Galvanized Steel Sheet0,5 – 3,0 mm
Aluzinked Steel Sheet0,7 – 2,0 mm
Electro-Galvanized Steel Sheet1,0 – 3,0 mm
Aluminium (1050, 5754, 5005)0,5 – 6,0 mm
Copper0,5 – 6,0 mm
Stainless Steel (1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4016)  0,5 – 10 mm
Hot-Rolled Steel3,0 – 20 mm

By Your Side Through the Entire Production Process – From Sheet Metal to Product

We provide our customers with expert support and co-operation throughout the entire project. We are ready to assist you in the design phase and offer technical guidance to ensure the end result meets your expectations.

Our aim is to establish long-term partnerships with our customers and ensure that every collaboration is successful.

What kinds of materials do we process? What information should be provided at the beginning of a project? How do we handle deliveries?

Answers to these and many other questions related to processes, services, and production can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page, where you’ll also find various documentation and materials.

See how sheet metal transforms into finished products at our factory.

Let’s kick off a project together – get in touch.

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